Thursday, January 8, 2009


Dear World,
Sorry to be selfish, but I need to ask you for something.
I need someone to fight in my corner.
I need someone who can love me without taking parts of me away.
Someone who won't disregard parts of my soul by treating them callously. You are wasting it away, there will be none left. I need some of it safe for me. I thought I could trust you with things like that, the little quirks that make me who I am. Guess not. So I will just stop telling you anything.
I need someone to love me at my worst.
I need someone who knows that sometimes I can't help the anger or the tears.
I want someone who will call me beautiful.
Who will tell me I'm their miracle.
I want someone who will give me one white rose, instead of 12 red ones.
I want someone I can show my scars too and not be ashamed.
Emotional and physical.
I want someone who can help me understand my past, and come to terms with it.
And then let it go.
I need someone who doesn't judge me.
But this is too much to ask.
So I won't ask for any of it.
I will just ask for hope.


  1. I think you may have just stumbled upon a brilliant network of support.

    Hope you can gain, I am certain of it. Keep fighting, it's never going to be easy but it will always be worth it.

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    love the blog so far
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  3. Dear Emma,
    You have made the first step in requesting hope. If you believe in God then you should know you are not alone, he is your world and he loves you unconditionally. You might not see him, but he cares that is why you have everything around you because he keeps blessing you everyday and he does not expect you to be perfect.
    As for the World one day you will feel complete and love by special someone, I am sure because you have requested it already. Stay strong and positive in what you have. God and Family will love you no matter what.

    take care