Sunday, January 18, 2009

Into thin air

Sometimes I feel like im falling,
So fast that it's impossible to breathe.
At times, I can bare it-
Until I look down into darkness
and the panic takes over again.
Sometimes I wish that someone
would notice me becoming distant,
because i'm moving further away.
When the day comes that I finally disappear...
...Will anyone notice i'm gone?


  1. In one word,


    Why do you think people read your blog? Because they have nothing better to do? Because they are passing time?

    I have a strong sneaking suspician, that it has more to do with your internal worth, your beauty that is invisible to the eye.

    You can still come back; we are here for you.


  2. Trust me in one way or another people are inspired by what you write. I for one am inspired. I will remember because your story matters.
    tc :)